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Microsoft 365 Business vs Enterprise: Licensing Options

Microsoft Office 365, propelled in 2011, is a finished bundle of uses and administrations, which is right now being utilized by more than 155 million individuals all around the world. It is a cloud-based model and gives the clients a variety of features which will help support your business profitability. Read on to find out more about the comparison between Microsoft 365 Business vs Enterprise.

Introduction to Microsoft 365 Business

Microsoft Office 365 Subscription offers various types of pricing plans. Even though the basic features remain the same, there are some differences that can make a difference in the way you work.

Recently, Microsoft has changed the naming conventions for its Office 365 Business plans and now they are called Microsoft 365 Business.

How to choose between Microsoft 365 Business and Office/Microsoft 365 Enterprise?

1. Features Comparison of Microsoft 365 Business and Office/Microsoft 365 Enterprise

Microsoft 365 Enterprise vs Office 365 Enterprise, both have their own arrangement of features that are reasonable for various business types.

Following are a couple of highlights which separate the two:

a. Mail Storage Limit for different Microsoft Office Online Plans

With regards to email storage, Microsoft Office 365 / Microsoft 365 Enterprise have much more to offer than Microsoft Business. The Microsoft 365 / Office 365 Enterprise give their clients access to a bigger Exchange Online post box size of 100 GB and boundless stockpiling as an archive mailbox, when contrasted with the Business which offers a capacity of 50 GB.

b. On-Premise CAL Rights Equivalency to Office 365

OneDrive storage limit is another difference which differentiates the two families of Microsoft Plans. The Enterprise family offers unlimited while the Microsoft Business Premium maxs out at 1TB of cloud storage.

c. Sharepoint Plans

Microsoft Business Family provision Sharepoint Plan 1 at max while the Enterprise Family do come with the option of SP Plan 2

d. On-Premise CAL Rights Equivalency to Office 365

Another significant contrast between the Microsoft Office 365 / Microsoft 365 Enterprise and Microsoft 365 Business is the on-premise CAL (Client Access License) rights. Microsoft Enterprise gives its clients the ECAL Suite which gives them the right to use On-Premises Exchange, SharePoint, Skype, Windows, and so on.

e. Business Intelligence and Analytics

Microsoft Office 365 / Microsoft 365 Enterprise accompanies a wide scope of Intelligence and Analytics apparatuses which are not offered in Microsoft Business. The Enterprise provide services like Advanced Excel, Delve Analytics, and Power BI Pro, which help the clients perform systematic errands and picture information on one stage.

Thus, Microsoft Enterprise can be useful for any organization engaged with performing significant level explanatory tasks.

f. Security and Compliance

Microsoft/Office 365 Plans for Enterprise offer very vast features in Security and Compliance and Advance Threat Protection sections as compared to Business plans which would prove saving an organization from huge losses and great productivity without compromising over security. Things like Advanced Threat Protection, Desktop Analytics, Device Guard & Creds Guard, Cloud App Security and Endpoint Configuration Manager (Device Management Solution) for the devices securing from unauthorized office apps & device access, generated reports of security for desktop devices and cloud apps, blocking anonymous codes from running on desktop devices for automated real-time security from malware, viruses etc. would prove very efficient solutions for your company security.

When we talk about the security and features of Azure Active Directory, Business Family only supports upto Azure AD Premium Plan 1 while the Enterprise do come with the option of Azure AD Pl

Any organization with very sensitive data that'd not like to miss out any Security and Compliance and Advanced Threat Protection features for tightening the security of environment and not ready to comprise the loss of critical data should opt for the Enterprise.

g. PSTN Calling Capabilities

Microsoft & Office 365 Subscription for Enterprise may come with Phone System license by default and one wouldn't need to buy an add on for it which is required to make PSTN phone calls. Business plans may be brought together with Phone System using add on, but the Phone System isn't already built into the plans.

Any organization looking for some productive apps, very tight security and PSTN calling capabilities in one bundle should always opt for the Enterprise one.

2. Cap on Number of Organization’s Users  

The essential contrast between the Microsoft Office 365 / Microsoft 365 Enterprise and Microsoft Business is the quantity of users advertised. Microsoft Business can be utilized and imparted to up to 300 users, though Microsoft Office 365 / Microsoft 365 Enterprise plans can be imparted to a boundless number of users.

Henceforth, the Business Subscription is an answer intended for little and developing business, though the Enterprise plan is fitting for bigger firms.


3. Cost Comparison between Business vs Enterprise

A significant contrast which each business will consider before buying Microsoft is the expense of the two. While the fundamental highlights in both Microsoft 365 Business vs Enterprise continue as before, the previous one comes at a lower cost.

The base cost for the Business plan ranges from $5 to $20, while the Enterprise features come at a more significant expense going from $8 to $57.

Along these lines, for any individual who wishes to utilize only the fundamental feature of Microsoft, the Business plan would be the correct alternative.

Microsoft 365 Business

Microsoft 365 Enterprise

  • Max Mail Storage: 50 GB
  • On-Premise CAL Rights: None
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics: None
  • Max Users Count: 300
  • Cost Range: $5-$20
  • Flavors: Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Microsoft 365 Business Standard and Microsoft 365 Business Premium
  • Max Mail Storage: 100 GB
  • On-Premise CAL Rights: Permitted
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics: Permitted
  • Max Users Count: Unlimited
  • Cost Range: $8-$57
  • Flavors: Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise, F3, E3 and E5 & Office E1, E3 and E5

You can find the comparison between the different Microsoft 365 Business flavors,  the comparison between various Microsoft 365 Enterprise Plans, and that for different Office 365 Enterprise Plans in these articles. Of course, if you feel indecisive, our consultants would love to help you choose the right plan – often offering additional discounts and promotions based on number of users. Who doesn't like discounts, right? Just book a meeting with us and let us help you get started!

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